【Sing?】 want to sing!! but sleepy.... 【NIJISANJI KR|Suha】



suha,please rest
we're worried, take good care of yourself Suha
the thumbnail www perhaps suha nim is nervous for the injection?
Good luck on your vaccination tomorrow Suha!!! Sing your heart out!!
omg suha
cutie suha
take your time suha~~
okay suha!
suha singing lets goo
yo I haven't watch suha for over a week
good evening, Suha!!!
Hello Suha!
hello suha!!!
good evening suha!!
good evening suha!!
Hi Suha !!!
Hello Suha!
hi suha!!~~
hello suha
I We can hear you Suha
suha mr. worldwide good evening
hello suha
hi suha! hope u enjoyed chuseok to the fullest
Nice to hear that you had fun Suha!
Sing anything suha
suha so cute any song will be fine
hello suha!! : )
Oh, thank you for the short cover Suha!
suha gogo! www
go suha! ww
Just wing it Suha! wwww
ganba suha.. www
lol suha ww
ahahahhaa, issokay suha!
It's ok Suha wwww
your thumbnail is a whole mood suha
too late suha www
bye bye suha i will go watch it now
It's on the nijisanji KR twitter, suha's also retweeted it!
okay suha. i will watch it
watch the views go up suha
dont worry suha, we'll watch it
is it suha?
if we watch suha will come see us?
suha is going to crawl out of the screen? (Lol)
is thats mean suha will come out from my monitor?
i hope suha will come out from my phone
suha will come out of the screen
will suha come out of my screen?
if i watch it, suha will coming?
SUHA WILL COME OUT!?!? Lets watch
were all goign to watch it now bc suha's going to come out of our phones
Hi suha!
i would like it if suha come out of my monitor
im scared of suha waaa
but your acting is great suha!
Too late Suha
suha got isekai?
when suha says 'uaaa' hahah
thank you suha
suha yasashii
wwww suha
isekai suha w
its okay suha~
that was amazing suha
voice of an angel suha
please take a rest Suha if you're sleepy
Take a rest if you want Suha
You can sleep suha if u want
good evening Suha! How was your Chuseok holiday?
good luck suha
suha panicc www
suha afraid of needle?
just get vaccinated Suha XDDD
rest suha
take proper rest, suha! <33
take care of yourself suha~
rest properly suha
your blood pressure has to be normal too Suha, so dont sleep too late
suha- QwQ
Good luck Suha
don't be scared suha
suha live
dont be scared suha you'll be okay!!
suha wont die, suha got isekai
No don't die Suha. We love you too much!
don't be scared Suha... show em the power of adults...
XDDDDD You'll live Suha
I'm sure you'll be fine suha ~
en) suha is an adult! so suha is not scared of needles!
the injection is scared of suha
adult suha!
yes suha is very brave and cool
suha is cool!
Suha is the scary one, not the vaccine
suha adult! www
Yes suha is adult but you are baby too ww
you will be okay suha ^^ suha is brave and cool~
ooh cool suha
mr. suha
Brave Suha! www
vaccine should be scared of suha
isekai suha?
mogu mogu suha
suha sing king gnu vynil please
Eat alot Suha!!!
what kind of coffee do you like, Suha?
heyy suha !!!
just eat it Suha..
Suha will you sing another ecchichi song? wwwww
wait until 3D suha
suha laugh is sus
Hello Suha...! Sorry I'm late
the song suits you suha
Suha you will sound good singing Daddy Daddy Doo!
The song is older than Suha wwww
so, suha is very old www
helpp Suha so cuteeee
Okay, thank you Suha!
suha sing koshitantan
mr worldwide suha
you are so smart suha!
suha is mr worldwide
trilingual suha www
mr worldwide suha
language master suha
Suha multilingual king
suha pls sing Eve's new song
The cover is good ^^ I've heard it multiple times ( Suha's kataomoi cover )
Sing what you feel you can sing, Suha, take care of your voice
we need suha kotori again
I.... cried.... lol.... this song is sad enough, and it's combined with Suha'
suha echichi
wwww suha seiso
Lies Suha www
suha the seisoest person
if suha say so
suha seiso........ janai~
except suha
if suha is seiso that means he's cute.
there's a reason Suha and seiso both start with 's', but also the word 'sus' www
suha your cute
yeah,suha would be super cute when he sing renai circulation
suha opera singer
Suha is the 10th member in love live
kotori suha hahahaha
be safe suha
suha so cute
Suha suddenly got captured by Kotori
suha kotori lezzgooo
suha your so cute
Welcome back Suha Mama! ww
suha, don't forget to rest!
suha are you secretly like to sing echichi song... wwwww
suha oppaaa
suha’s voice is so lovely
I want to see Suha as Elsa.....
Suha go munch
suha asmr
We want to taste Suha's handmade cooking
suha is good cook?
Suha chef
Instead of wanting to taste his cooking, I’d rather taste Suha
Suha wife material~
househusband suha
"Instead of wanting to taste his cooking, I’d rather taste Suha" LMFAO SAME
Suha please be our wife!
i want maid suha to serve me omurice while saying moe moe kyun
male wife suha ....
I can eat omurice all my life for suha
suha malewife SO TRUE
suha is gordon ramsay?
suha is best wife
suha mama?
Malewife Suha
No no, suha is Wife!
lmao yes suha a good housewife
malewife suha
suha is man wife
suha is husband of 40k people
Suha best husband then?
Male also can be wife suha its 2021
suha mama *pien
malewife suha
but you're my ideal wife type, Suha....
suha househusband :3
teasing suha is fun ww
suha husband material
I agree, teasing Suha is fun www
hahahaha suha in denial its okay mama suha
suha wife material*
suha is so so cute that we can't help but want to tease
no react suha
suha with no reaction is cute
Grumpy Suha~
grumpy suha ww
Tsundere Suha....?
suha with no reaction also cute
Suha angy is cute wwww
pouting suha is cute
grumpy suha is cute
grumpy suha
grumpy suha is cute
good night suha
Tsundere Suha is also cute
Suha lost wwww
suha babu babu
what's suha favorite?
suha sing happy birthday loll
suha pipipapa stream
suha vocaloid voicebank releas :0
please sleep suha
go to sleep suha
just sleep suha
suha don't sleep on stream again ww
You can sleep if you are tired Suha
you can sleep if you're tired suha! it's okayy
how are you suha ?? i hope you sleep well later !!
Don't worry Suha wwww
Suha, do you need a hug?
suha good at singing sad song
I will cry for Suha~ so Suha don't cry~
sweet voice suha!!
IM CRYINGGG NOWW Suha sang a sad song with angel voice
I love this song oh gosh suha voice
suha u sound great!
Aren’t you tired, Suha?
i will cry to sleep ;~; suha's voice so good
suha,suha,are you really ok?
go sleep suha
It’s ok to rest, Suha
Are you ok Suha?
You scared me when you screamed Suha www
lol is Suha not scared of Kuzuha he is a vamp
Is it okay if we bite Suha too?
Suha, I have a question
Suha's blood must be sweet from all the chocolates www
Suha, this question is important
Goodnight Suha, I'm gonna go to sleep now. Bye bye
Don't Suha TT
Suha, please, will there be a tag for R18 fanart
suha, drink water afterwards okay?? please stay hydrated<3
You were awesome suha
take care suha!!
Are you ok Suha?
u ok suha?
take rest suha~
good luck tomorrow suha!
It will be okay suha don’t be too scared
waaah be careful on your vaccination suha<3
babu suha
Suha is babu
babu suha
babu suha
babu suha ready for vaccine!
suha circulation
Suha is illegal then www
suha is cute and illegal too
But Suha is cu...
suha cool guy
twinkle twinkle little suha
bye bye suha and everyone, good night~ i'm gonna play valorant then sleep, have fun~ ' v ')/
have a great night suha, i'm gonna leave now, please take care mina-san!
You did great Suha!
rest well suha!!
thank you for the stream suha!!
Good night Suha! Good luck on your vaccination tomorrow!
bye, suha! take care <33
good night suha,good night everyone
good luck for tomorrow,suha!!!
thank you suha! good luck for your vaccination tomorrow!
thank you Suha~ and good luck for the vaccine shot
good night suha!
good night suha