【FreeTalk】 KR QUEST KRQuestの裏話とか 【NIJISANJI KR|Suha】



hi hi suha~~
konbanwa suha
Hello Suha!
hi suha~
hello suha san
hiiii suha
Good evening Suha!
hi suha!!
Hi, Suha! How are you feeling?
How does Suha feel today??
did suha go mute or something?
cutie suha, hello~~
hello suha
Hi Suha..
We can hear you Suha
hello Suha~!
hello cutie suha!
suha amnesia~
is Suha sore after Ring Fit?
that's 15 secs suha www
good evening suha ^^/
suha is like a retriever somehow
hi suha
how are you feeling after playing rfa Suha?
alright suha, we understand
wwww big brain Suha!
suha tensai
agreed, suha tensai
forever... so that means even when suha is showering we can still see him.
Suha tensai
Oohh~ Suha strong
Suha not sore?
genki suha
oh healthy Suha
suha strong
Hi suha
suha strong! genki genkii
suha sniffing... got a cold?
yeyy healthy Suha www
suha stay gengki forever
suha genki
suha what- you just woke up??
sleepyhead suha
Good night Suha
yeaa yea you right Suha
how are you today suha?
suha and gaon are great!
actor Suha C O O L
suha reminds me of those Hollywood actors and actresses who avoid watchinh their own movies at all costs XD
if suha wants to watch anime i recommend diamond no ace
what genre of anime does Suha like?
suha kawaii
Cute Suha www
suha is cringing wwwww
lmao suha dying noises
u can do this suha
Suha dying from embarrassment www
suha otome game
suha cute voice!!
Suha is cute too
suha is cute too
suha also cute
Everybody includes you, suha ww
suha is cute!!
Suha cute
nooo suha is cute too
suha cutie
Suha is the cutest
Suha is cute
Suha is also cute ><
suha is indeed cutee
wwww suha's voice acting is very cool
suha best voice actor
suha should becomind voice actor wwww
Suha, teach us how to be cute like you!!
en) im not purposely skipping this suha kun's part, it because of the gravity, not me
suha voice acting
suha skipping his dialogue bc he thinks its embarrassing i think
hi suha~~
suha making excuses hellpp
we demand you play the Suha parts
suha don't skip your part
suha should read his parts www
Suha is a himbo malewife
Don't blame it on Gravity Suha!
suha blaming on gravity
suha acting is like leonardo dicaprio
poor suha ww
bare with it suha
suha www
Suha you are so mean wwww
suha embarrassed www
i could listen to Suha laughing for days
His name is Min Suha ww
hahahaha it's okay suha XD
that man is suha tho www
You can't skip Suha www
woah, i didnt eexpect for suha to sya oya oya
We found suha’s favorite part
suha do you like angel part more or oya oya part more?
suha is the cutest
everyone means suha too
mina including suha
suha are cutest
Nooo Suha is not cute, suha is cool
everyone is cute no exclusions suha XD
suha is cool and cute
Suha is cutesttt!
Suha are you ok? www
suha are you okay lol
are you okay suha? ww
suha dying
suha don't die www
Angry suha cute
nice sword suha ww
Suha dying rn wwwwww
Suha lol
hahahaha suha~~
Suha, I shall look forward to part 2 www
Part 2 suha is the villain
suha as a villain would be interesting
suha best actor
good evening suha-san and hellooo w w w w w
suha leonardo dicaprio
suha only part when?
suha otome game good ending
suha oscar award
Suha's ikemen voice is a fact though
suha has a very nice voice, yes
Suha is very good at English!
omg suha hard worker
Don’t worry about the language suha! We willl always support you!
Fighting Suha!
Fighting Suha!!!
gogo Suha!
suha as director?? w
suha has the protag vibe though
Suha and suhaquas on a date
suha can play the princess next
suha forehead reveal
suha, play as the antagonist
long hair suha?
Suha in a fall outfit maybe?
suha in an Idol's outfit
Glasses please suha
Suha in a suit
アイドルSuha !
swim suit suha
Suha in a suit maybe? With glasses?
Suha in suit!
megane suha yesss
school uniform suha
Bikini Suha is good
Suha with no clothes??
hanbok suha let's go
yes!!!! kpop suha ww
i kinda want suha in pajamas though
outfit like college student suha although suha didn't go to university ww
hostclub suha though
Suha in uniform = suha sensei ; Suha in kpop idol uniform = SUHA OPPAAAAAAAAA
shirtless suha wwwww
Suha new BTS member confirmed
Suha is the 8th bts member
chat would scream suha oppa lmao
uuuu host suha?? HOT SUHA
good afternoon, Suha-san ! don't forget to drink !!
maybe suha as ceo
suha in suit is good too..for me lol
I want to see Suha's forehead
different hairstyle suha ?
omg suha nctzen
damn,, suha knows abt nct too yall
yes sexy suha
up to you Suha...
Suha will look good in everything
suha in an idol outfit with slicked back hair gonna look amazing
Suha with long hair and braids would be nice...
hello suha
ure so cute suha ilg
long haired suha
bald suha
Rock n Roll Suha-san kekekekekekke
bald suha lol
bald suha like egg
I can't imagine Suha-san with his hair like that kekekek
Bald suha please www
bald suha let's GOOOO
oooh long haired suha
try,, yeonjun's blue hour hair suha,, so cool,,
manifesting apple hair suha nim
It’s so hard to picture suha with a different hairstyle~
suha female alter?
big dream suha
Speaking of the squid game series, suha-san have you watched it yet?
same suha.. i also wanted to as well sobs..
u can do it suha !!
manifesting 3D suha
Everyone praying for suha 3D!
soon soon you'll be able to get the 3d debut you deserve Suha!
suha 3d !!!
can't wait for 3d suha
3D Suha!
Fighting Suha!
manifesting for 3d suha
3D Suha!!
3D suha, cant wait
3d suha to perform on stage !! amen !!
mm yes 3d suha
let's pray altogether for 3D suha kekeke
suha as korean icon !! amen !!
3D suha
suha guitar player or drummer in rock and roll
eyyy you'll get better in no time with that guitar Suha!
hello suha!! <33
suha cute hand
Omg suha has baby hands www
Haha suha's cute smol hands
babu suha
babu suha kawaiii!
Like Suha ww
suha aegi hand
suha cute
baby suha with baby hands
hahahaha baby suha adorable
suha little feet??
en) comment: suha has mouth in the middle of his hand? suha: ah ive been exposed
deidara suha
ganbare suha
good evening suha !
teach suha slangs
Camp Suha ww
i learn a lot in Suha's stream ww
camp suha
Hola Suha, こんにちは
suha say my little pogchamp
suha pogchamp?
suha poggers
Suha is pogchamp!
suha omegalul
Means suha is an artist ww
Camp Suha ended before it could begin
camp suha
Hello Suha! Hello everyone!
Camp suha
Camp Suha?
pogchamp suha
champ suha huh ok ok XD
What's Camp Suha?
champ suha
Camp Suha www
Champ Suha
RIP Camp Suha 2021-2021
Suha can you say happy birthday to me?(人 )
pog suha
camp suha has a nice ring to it though
how about Chad Suha?
champ suha
Champ Suha? Camp Suha?
champ suha camp kr quest
big pogchamp suha our coolest kr boi
LOL is chat trolling Suha again?
Suha is famous
goodnight suha, gonna go to sllep
suha my little meow meow
stay hydrated suha
when does suha read marshmallows?
omg,, suha in koreaboo !?!?!
Looking forward to it Suha!
Looking forward to it Suha!!
Good luck Suha!
You can do it Suha!
Low voice Suha TSKR
Suha has a voice pack and a new cover coming! You must be so busy!
opera suha ww
kusa, deep voice suha
theres eng clips of suha in akina’s bday live !! *whispers*
Suha spoiling us omg
dandy voice suha
suha santa clause new outfit
snow halation suha for christmas maybe?
santa suha
Christmas suha collabs with Justin Bieber!? www
suha elf
suha with pink hair next
suha shotacon? w
We didn’t need you to clarify suha wwww
it's ok suha we're very understanding
suha genderbend?
even in space suha is shota-kun
Suha blame gravity
ok suha said gravity is bad, ban gravity
suha is shota even in space
chat bullying suha again www
yandere suha
Suha won gold for those mental gymnastics he tried to pull
S in suha stands for sus
Suha no
S for Suha Sus
bad suha
Suha that is bad ww
dark suha
noooo free otaku suha
Only otaku suha left
it's okay we'll nurse otaku suha back to life
if i am one year older than suha am i shota
only yandere Suha left
otaku suha will respawn
otaku suha needs battery
It's okay to be a shotacon suha
Suha not streaming because he got arrested
suha jail
suha when do you read marshmallows??
Thank you for the stream Suha! Watching moments from the KR Quest was fun!
thank you for the stream suha, goodnight
be happy too suha
thank you suha bye bye
good night Suha have a nice night